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BULSTAT Unified Identification Code/Number (UIC): 205346855. NGO: Malkite Golemi


From Balchik to Vienna With Love


One day, while we were feeding four little kittens and their mother, the most affectionate homeless kitten we had ever seen ran up to us from nowhere - long white hair, shining blue eyes, a black band on the head like a tiara. We fed him, took pictures of him and left, but we couldn't forget him. We decided that if we saw him again and he let us, we would take little Blue home.


The next day, Blue Eyes was the first to find us, he greeted us from the beginning of the alley. This started a new beginning with a happy ending. Blue Eyes immediately became everyone's favourite. Cuddly, kind and so very beautiful. He quickly learned about the secrets of meat, even faster he learned to use the toilet. He started playing and of course learnt how to attract attention, so he can earn more hugs than others..


After several visits to the vet, it turned out that Blue had no serious complaints and ailments at that time, so we immediately started looking for a home for him. 

There were many candidates for Blue from different cities in the country. However, we were interested in a woman and her family who lived in Vienna. The woman had fallen in love with Blue since she saw his photos and wanted him very much. She was interested in his health, and wanted to cover the costs for him - she had a great attitude towards animals. However, this was also the most difficult option, getting all the vaccines, getting a passport and chipping little Blue, and then the long bus ride to Vienna.


However, we settled on this option and the next adventure for Blue began. He started learning German, of course only the words that were important to him - ham, sandwich, turn on the stove :). Two weeks later, in a misty Black Sea morning, Blue left with his cage for Vienna, where his new family was waiting for him all night. The blue-eyed jewel has been a Viennese for more than a month, and his family loves him very much and plays with him every day.


We receive photos and information about him every week. We made a great choice with these adopters and we really hoped Blue's brother (who was still on the street) would have at least some of that luck - but that's another story. Now Blue is happy, loved and full of energy and his every childhood dream is satisfied. His new family truly loves him and he welcomes them home every day when they come back from work.


Adopting an animal is both a gift for you as well as the animal! IT'S WORTH 100%.


The Full Box and The Empty Hearts


We named the article after the treasure we found in a cheese box and the empty hearts that had filled it and closed it diligently. Walking on a rainy, still cold morning on April 3, 2020 in Balchik, we heard a thin, frighteningly weak and deaf sound from somewhere. We listened, but the sound disappeared, then reappeared, thin, muffled. We could barely hear the baby meow. We looked around, but there was no kitten or man around. We stared at an abandoned yard overgrown with grass and an old house and heard a baby exhausted meow again.


We immediately entered the yard, there was nothing but a carefully placed box of cheese. We grabbed it, opened it quickly, and inside - a few bags. We tore them apart and found him there in horror - the priceless treasure, three babies, still with the umbilical cord, one of them barely meowing, the other two with protruding tongues  made no sound. We immediately went home with the three babies.


Someone had decided he had the right to dispose of their lives. We quickly put them in a tray next to the stove and turned it on. It was vital to save at least one life. They had to warm up quickly - hypothermia (low body temperature) is life-threatening for warm-blooded cats, especially newborns. Feeding was a second concern, but the kittens had to be kept warm. You never feed a frozen kitten, you can kill it. We had no food. We had no experience, but who can have one and be ... a mother cat in the human world.


Warmed and wrapped, the kittens moved an hour later and meowed slightly. We found a recipe for food suitable for them while we waited for the delivery of adapted cat's milk - egg yolk, yogurt, goat's milk, an ampoule of omega-3 fatty acids. The first night was hard, the kittens were wrapped under the heater, we got up every hour to feed them, every few minutes we checked if they were breathing, so that they would not squeeze each other, etc.


Two days later, the cat's milk arrived, and the little ones were bigger fighters than expected. The long battle for their lives began, in which they were the real superstars. They immediately got names - Strahil, who from the beginning looked like the most combative and studry. Maslinka, the only girl who actually saved them, because only she had the strength to meow, and of course, the black and white Pandichko, who turned out to be the most affectionate kitten we've ever met.

The battle continued every day, every 2 hours - eating as much as they could (even a little on top), toilet, movement, constant heating in the room, changing the hot water bottles, blankets, cuddling and talking. Day after day, night after night, the little ones' food was not skipped. A real symphony would result if more than two hours passed between meals.

The little ones grew and then...the time came when on the morning of Palm Sunday the world saw Maslinka's first eye. It took her a long time to open the second, and at the same time little Strahil also opened an eye Pandichko, although visibly bigger than the others, opened his eyes after 10 days. Of course, the eye infection that babies inherited from their mothers was not long in coming. We started antibiotic treatment so that the most curious eyes in the world could be healthy and happy.

After a while we successfully switched from a pipette to baby bottle feeding, thanks to which they started to eat more and faster, and Pandichko stopped being completely drenched in milk (which was a result of his inability to be calm around food :)). Then not unexpectedly, Maslinka walked first, even less unexpectedly Strahil was the first to drop the milk and head for the real thing - pure meat pate.

The babies grew up, moved to a larger room, inhabited the bathtub in the bathroom, and quickly took over the bedroom. They played around all day, chasing, eating and sounding the whole house. This came to a big surprise for our older cats - Topcho and Prashinka. There was a certain resentment and a slight jealousy in the restlessness with which they looked at the little ones who had taken over their rooms.

The time came for the first vaccines and for the best that happened to the babies - Maslinka and Strahil were adopted together and became two beautiful and affectionate Sofia kittens. And Pandichko, the black-and-white mouse, stayed with us. In November 2020, we celebrated the 7th month of the heroism that these little ones performed and their victory over death.

We never tolerate violence against animals! Every life is precious! No one has the right to decide who should live and who should not! The animals are our friends, they are part of our families, of our memories and growth. LOVE THEM ALWAYS!



Mutsun And The Five Dogs


It was a cold day in March 2020 that we saw him. He was running away from 5 dogs that were chasing him. It looked like the dogs were playing, but little Mutsun was not having fun. Mutsun was only 2/3 months old and having 5 dogs chasing you at that age can be a bit scary! He climbed up a tree and Pia decided to go and save him. 


It was not an easy battle, since Mutsun trusted no one. After about an hour of trying to get him down and stay in her lap, he decided to trust her. She picked him up into her arms (for the 10th time) and he finally decided to stay. She carried him inside to the warm and cosy house.


He was very scared and stayed under a chair the whole night. Even if he was scared he was purring and doing that massage thing that cats do <3 It was so cute! We gave him food and water and laid down a blanket for him to sleep on. After a few days the little creature got more and more brave and before we knew it, he because a super cuddler.


Mutsun went from being a scared little kitten to a brave cat that now DEMANDS cuddles. If he feels left out, we will hear a very angry MJAAAAAAU when he wants cuddles! He still doesn’t like dogs, but he is a cat after all :)


Also, he has the biggest front teeth, so we gave him a middle name as well. His full name is: Mutsun Tiger Tooth <3


Sisu At The Fish Shop


One very hot day in June 2020, Pia and Danny went to buy fish for dinner. They came back home with the fish and a frightened little kitten, Sisu. This is Sisus story.


Sisu and his 5 brothers and sisters were left in a carton box by a fish shop. The other kittens had been picked up by good samaritans, only little Sisu was left. Maybe because he had a very bad scratch on his eye. It looked like another cat had scratched it up pretty good. This only made Pia want to save him more! Sisu was living underneath the floor in the fish shop, so it would be hard to get to him. After trying for about half an hour, we gave up and went back home.


Pia couldn’t stop thinking about the little kitten though, that she had already named Sisu. The name sort of means brave in Finnish (you can look up the whole meaning online). So Danny had no other choice than to jump back into the car with her and go and save the little kitten. After a long battle, maybe 1.5h, Pia finally manage to catch him. 


They drive to the veterinarians thinking that Sisus little eye was lost. The veterinarian, Dr Silvia, cleaned his eye and told him that the eye will be ok :) Pia and Danny were so happy and so was little Sisu. He had already started giving them head bumps and massages and he was purring very loudly.


They took Sisu home and let him sniff around and get comfortable in his new surroundings. Then something scary happened, they couldn’t find little Sisu! They searched and searched for him, but he was nowhere to be found. They thought that he had jumped down the balcony and that they would never see him again. But Pia had a nagging feeling that he was still in the house. She kept on searching, with no luck.


Then 2h later, when they had stopped searching, they saw little Sisu. He had decided to take a little cat nap behind the washing machine, haha! He was sitting on the floor, looking so cute with his infected eye and a big cotton boll of dust stuck to it.


Now Sisu is the cutest and cuddliest kitten! He loves giving head bumps and massages. He loves hanging around with other cats and even like cuddling with other dogs! Sisu loves playing and can be a bit crazy sometimes, so his full namme is: Sisu Bandit :)



Oreo McCuddles


The story of Oreo is not a rescue story, at least not in our opinion. One day in August 2020 Pia and Danny heard a very loud MJAAAAAAAAUUUUU outside the door. They opened up the door and there was little Oreo. Orea simply decided to come straight inside, start eating the cat food and then started to cuddle.


We had so many animals already and though that taking care of Oreo would be too much. We decided to take him back outside and close the door, but with no luck. As soon as we closed the door, the super loud mjauing started again. We tried to leave him outside many times, but he just kept on mjauing. So eventually we gave in and decided to keep him.


So you can say that Oreo saved himself. He just came to our house and moved straight in! 


He has the middle name, McCuddles, because he is THE cuddliest cat that we have ever encountered.


Starving Danny


When Pia and Danny met Little Danny (yes, Danny and the kitten has the same name) for the first time, she was skin and bones. She had been found outside, wondering the streets and mjauing to any human that she could find. She was close to dying of starvation and was desperate to be saved. We had never seen such a skinny kitten in our lives. Obviously we took her home, checking that she was still breathing the whole car ride to our house!


Little Danny was not a fan of cuddles and wasn’t a very good eater. We guess her stomach was very small since she was so skinny. But she was eating a bit more every day. We were still very worried about her, since she wasn’t eating as much as we wanted her too. Little did we know that she was only waiting for Dannys mother to come and visit!


Dannys mother makes the best food. She had made a sauce with nice pieces of chicken in it. Since little Danny was so skinny, she was allowed to eat from the human food as well. And when she had the first bite of Dannys mothers chicken, it was like life came back to her! Never had we seen her eat so much! She almost ate half of Pias dinner, which she was happy to give her. Dannys mother now has the funny nick name “The Chicken Lady” when she comes over, haha!


You might be wondering why we decided to call the cat Danny. Well, this is why. The day that we took Little Danny with us home, was the day of Dannys (now deceased) grandfathers birthday. So we decided to give the little kitten the same name as him, which is Danny. For anyone that is not Bulgarian, this might be a bit confusing. Both Danny and his grandfather has the same name, but slightly different, which is normal here in Bulgaria. We won’t go into the reasons for this, if you want to know, simply look it up online :)


Now little Danny is a happy little kitten and is now of a health weight. She never skips a meal and her favourite food is still chicken :)




Little Flory


On a nice sunny day we headed to the town of Apriltsi for two of our friends’  wedding. We had just arrived in the parking lot and we noticed a little beautiful colorful kitten, visibly very affectionate and cute. It turned out that the kitten had settled in the yard by herself, and the owners of the guest house did not want her there.


Winter would soon come to the mountains where the town of Apriltsi is located. We could not leave the little kitten to the whims of fate, especially knowing that she was not wanted there.

That same evening we took her to our room – the little one was a kind, calm cat, which purred and caressed us constantly. She wanted us to be by her side, for her that was even more important than being fed. We called her Flory due to her several beautiful colours.

In a few days we found an adoptive parent for her – the woman lived not far away and we took the kitten there personally. We handed her over with a whole package of food and every day we asked how she was, as we do for all our animals.


We received photos and information.After 2 weeks we sent more food packages. Unfortunately, Flory’s owner could not get used to her – the kitten was still young, she was looking for a lot of attention. The woman could not give her the necessary time. She called us to find new people for Flory.

 We were very worried about whether we would succeed, what the problem was with the kitten, whether she would end up in the street. In the end, the woman was nice enough to keep Flory until we found a new home for her.


We were very lucky with the new adopter – the woman wrote to us herself. She had already had several rescued kittens, but she had seen the post about Flory and wanted to help. She told us that she could immediately take her, even though she was taking care of two other baby kittens.

Two days later, Flory was in her new home – a little scared, a little distrustful. It took her a few days to get used to the new family and the new kittens, but she quickly stopped hiding, started eating and even playing with her friends.


This is one more story that convinced us – every animal can have a real home and family, as long as all of us who love animals are ready to lend a hand and make a little space at home for a new friend. Every kitten deserves a warm home; every man deserves a true friend.

Adopt your kitten / puppy; there is no purer friendship than this!

The Beautiful Blonde

In October 2019, a little ginger kitten began to come to our yard. We fed him for one week, made him a house, but we had to return to the city and around January it disappeared. In March, due to the corona crisis, we moved permanently into the house and we started looking for the little fellow.


After a few days the kitten appeared, but it was very weak and timid. He wandered around, slept in the garden but did not eat while we were there. We entered the house to let him get closer and eat.

Over time, it became a beautiful kitten that was no longer so painfully weak. He already had a name - Strahil. Then we suddenly noticed something very surprising – the kitten began to gain weight, we were happy for him, but suddenly we realized that little Strahil was a female cat and was pregnant.


We started feeding her a special food with vitamins, we changed her name to Strahila, and she started coming to us calmly. She still wouldn't let us caress her though, she was often scratching us and biting us at least once a day, but still, she was so charming!

Strahila was smart and beautiful, and now she was pregnant - there was no option to leave her. She disappeared in a few days - she had obviously given birth. We were worried, as she was a little cat, it was also a rainy season. We looked for her everywhere, but we didn't find her. Her bowls were full, but she wasn't coming.


A few days later Strahila found us herself - she meowed pitifully at the door, we quickly went down and we fed her. She was very weak, she had obviously given birth. We started watching her if we could take the kittens home to raise them in a safe place. But we were unlucky - we didn't find the babies.


One July morning we found the beautiful blonde bitten by other cats or a dog. We caught her and took her to the vet for castration.  She also had a large wound on her leg. Veterinarians noticed an infection; it had to be treated immediately. Our dear Strahila was terrified, she was crying.

The operation was more difficult than expected - Strahila was pregnant again with four kittens... This is the fate of every female stray cat - constant hunger, constant pregnancy, constant breastfeeding and constant rivalry with other stray cats.


We took her home. The best food, vitamins, vaccines, passport, deworming - Strahila received a full “better life” program. For half a year now, our dear Strahila has been living at home, happy, loved, always fed, and always cuddled. She has her own bowls, a warm bed, cat friends at home and her best friend - our puppy Holly. She has almost no desire to go out, as if she is afraid that if she goes out, we will close the door behind her. But this will never happen; Strahila is among the lucky kittens - she already has a home and family and will never be harassed, hungry and freezing outside again.


Open your heart to a cute kitten. It’s worth it.

Coastal Rice


On a beautiful sunny day in November, walking along the promenade in Balchik, we heard a faint sound from a bush. We also looked at what to see - a gentle, beautiful and very hungry little kitten. We fed him (we always bring food for the animals when we go for a walk). He immediately allowed us to pardon him, he had a very kind temper and wonderful social skills. The warm eyes did not allow us to remain indifferent. We returned home, took a cage, more food and immediately headed back to the alley.


The The little writing was in the same place - sad, lonely and very grateful to see us again. She entered the box herself, making no sound in the car. Minutes later, she was warm, fed, and tidy, and she met her new real bed, as soft and fluffy as she was. For the first time, Little Redhead would sleep in a safe place, away from wind and cold, away from dangers, dogs and big cats, and most of all, away from hunger and disease. She was examined and dewormed immediately.


With each visit to her, Riza became kinder and calmer, more social and playful, hurried to eat, could not understand that from now on there will always be food for her and she will not feel hungry anymore. She always started crying when she was alone - she longed so much for a friend and love. 2-3 days later we noticed that she was sad and her breakfast was standing, lunch - too. Immediately in the cage and to the doctor. The doctors found that she had a sore in her mouth that hurt her and she could not eat because of it. A few injections, a little antibiotic, a few days of baby food, and Red was again the happy baby who dreams of being hugged all day.


The beauty, of course, from the first days had a candidate for adoption. Two good families who had known the kindness and warmth in her and dreamed of being part of their home. We chose the one that had better conditions and willingness to take care of her. When she grew up for another 2 weeks, we decided that she was ready to officially introduce her to her new family. It was love at first sight. Today the whole family is very happy with the new member, and Riza is happier than she dared to dream - there will be wonderful Christmas holidays, real friends, love and of course, a bowl full of food and gifts, like any child for Christmas. She will be the queen of a nice house with a yard and loving owners.


The Reaching out to a stray animal is one of the most humane gestures - a priceless friendship is born in which you will never encounter sadness and misunderstanding. It's worth it! Reach out, grab a paw!


Peanuts in the rain


From the spring of 2020 we feed a dozen kittens in an abandoned area - they live relatively quietly in 2-3 abandoned houses, where summer is good, but autumn becomes cold and rains almost every day. At least the kittens have shelter, so we go to feed them in the evening. All are healthy, 2 are mothers we have neutered already (autumn 2020), 8 are small and 2-3 male cats. For a long time we tried to catch the babies and we succeeded one by one - from this area to Blue, which we sent to Vienna, Sunny, who is happy in Dobrich, little Polly, who is still with us.


Surprisingly, in September we noticed three babies - they were very small, maybe not yet 1 month old, we saw that they have a mother who feeds and cares for them. Probably someone had dumped the mother on the street because we hadn't seen her - a very beautiful pure black cat with beautiful fur. There were three babies. We waited for them to grow up, but with the approach of October and the cold, we decided that the babies were big enough to catch them and look for a real home where they would always be in a safe and warm place, and the mother could not wait to castrate, to lead a calmer and more secure life. So in a very heavy rain we went to the abandoned house and caught little Peanut - he was very scared, he was crying a lot, he was spinning in the cage, he probably missed his mother, but it was for his good.


We took him to the vet, we immediately dewormed him, they examined him, there was only one problem with one eye. We started a short therapy with eye drops and very soon his eyes recovered. Peanut was 800 g - a healthy, beautiful boy who at first did not trust us much and spent some time behind the air conditioner. We let him calm down, but it was hard for him to resist the delicious chicken pate, so he offered us a truce. We didn't even have much time to make friends with him - we immediately found suitable candidates - a family from Shumen (so far we hadn't sent our sweetheart there), who couldn't wait to hug and raise him. We vaccinated Peanut and sent him, albeit with little difficulty, to his new home.


Peanut is now healthy, happy and with a whole large family, in which he even found a very hairy friend of his kind. Peanut wished his brothers good luck too, because they deserved it and he loved them very much.


Hitchhiking Princess


One Sunday, passing through the busiest crossroads of Balchik, we came across a surprising sight - a real princess was standing under a bench all alone and crying, she was a foot away from the street, there was no chance to leave her there. I got out of the car and walked towards her, the little kitten immediately ran towards me. I held out my hand, and she entered immediately. It was the cutest and calmest kitten I've ever met. All the way home I was standing in my arms - we didn't have a cage, it just huddled and looked at me and the person next to me calmly and kindly.


We immediately put her in her new room, she got brand new bowls of food and water. She was completely clean, we dewormed her, examined her, and as soon as we realized that she was fine, we immediately started looking for her home. Little Sami got her name because we found her on the birthday of my dear niece - Sami. And little Sami turned out to be just like the big one - beautiful, funny, very beautiful, smart and, of course, a princess. Sami received a ticket to walk around the house with perfect behavior and impeccable habits - as if she knew she was lucky, she knew that from now on she would have only a good future. We had never met such a friendly and loving kitten - almost immediately he started licking us and constantly looking for our hugs. For cats, licking someone else is an expression of the greatest possible love - and Sami did it all the time! She didn't need any socialization - she just came up with a wonderful character, a real cat angel!


They quickly became friends with little Sunny, who was going to Dobrich the same week with his new family and his dear hairy friend Cleopatra. In a few days we found a wonderful home for Sami, there were several candidates, but we decided to make Sami from Sofia. Our friend, who, like us, was influenced by Sami's beauty, offered to take her to her new home and so today Sami enjoys a lot of care, a lot of bowls of food, a lot of love and fun in Sofia. They send us photos every week to make us happy - little Sami's first family, with how fast it grows and develops.


With great desire and dedication we will continue to help little ones like Sami, but our efforts will not make sense without people like her new family who are ready to open their home and heart to a little one. And it's worth it - even a lot!


The bravest fighter


Two months ago we met Asena in ... Asenovgrad 🙂 She was in a terrible condition - a wound on her cheek, swaying from fatigue and hunger, malnourished, painfully weak and with crooked trembling legs, which we were convinced were broken. She could barely chew the food she was being given. We met a girl from a nearby restaurant who was trying to secure her with a couch, he really wanted to take her to the doctor. Dear Asena did not trust us and we never managed to catch her, but the girl had gained her trust and managed to take her to the vet. From here began the second chance for Assen.


Her legs were not broken, they were crooked and she was in pain from the severe malnutrition that has befallen the kitten since birth. Her teeth and mouth were also in a deplorable state - she had loose teeth again from malnutrition, many painful sores on her mucous membranes and tongue, which prevented her from being able to eat normally, not that there was much to do outside. He started treatment for the head wound, followed by a month in hospital, where Asena began her transformation. Daily care - eye drops, antibiotic for the nose, ointment for the wound, vitamins, etc., etc. Everything so far was covered with great effort by the superfluous girl from Asenovgrad - the first savior of Asena, for now we will keep her name a secret (if she wants, we will add her). And so Asena left in a month from Asenovgrad to Varna to take her home.


Macinka turned out to be a great fighter. The next blow for her is not late at all - a positive test for feline AIDS. The disease is not transmitted to humans, it is different from the human immunodeficiency virus, but it puts the cat at high risk - any new secondary infection will develop a strong clinical picture and can be potentially fatal due to the suppressed immune system of the kitten.


Asena has to live in a calm environment without stress, she has to eat quality food and she has to live inside, life on the street is unthinkable for her, she has to live in a clean and safe environment, in other words in a real home. It is mandatory to live separately from other cats in order not to transmit their disease (which is mainly through bites / scratches and transmission through the bloodstream) and of course so as not to infect itself with any infection.


It has been two months since we saw in Asena's eyes her boundless desire to fight to live! We did a second AIDS test, which was also positive, unfortunately. Best of all, we started interferon treatment, which required daily veterinary care and injections. The first course has already passed (as of December 6, 2020), 10 days of antibiotics are needed before the doctors compare the results of Asena before and after the treatment to find out if there is any development and meaning from starting the second course. The price of one course is BGN 300, and of an examination and test after it - BGN 30.


The results are very encouraging, because Asena has a big appetite, quite a lot, she drinks a lot of fluids, and the sores in her mouth completely disappear. Teeth are also restored. Her legs straightened and Asena moved normally, albeit timidly. We will have the final results of the first course by mid-December. Today, Asena already weighs 1,900 kg, has her own bed, a hot water bottle, a stove, always full bowls and a personal GP. She is no different from the other kittens - except that once you take her, she hugs you twice as hard and looks at you with such gratitude and slight horror that the good thing is not over.


Help Asena recover by sending funds for her treatment. You can see how this can be done in our "Ways to Help" section. Let's show Asena together that #EveryLifeLive !!! ❤️


Lucky brother

After the successful adoption of the wonderful kitten Blue, who is already safe and sound with his new family in Vienna, we decided to go back to where we found him and try to catch his brother.

We walked around, looked for him, and just as we were about to leave, someone ran across the street — it was him — almost as if we saw Blue, but smaller and thinner.

We fed him carefully, gave him a hand, and he just went into it. We immediately wrapped him around and headed home. It would not be true to say that everything with Baby Blue(as we first called him) was perfect in the beginning. The little one was scared, he had an appetite, but with was with an upset stomach and went to the toilet after every meal. Besides that, on the second day, the little one hid in a large stove. We called him for hours, played cat noises on YouTube, but with no result. Finally we found him nestled next to one of the pipes and took him out.


Then there were visits to the vet, infections, daily visits to the vet for antibiotics, more treatment, probiotic for a long time…After a month, Sunny (now with a name of his own yet) was already a wonderful, healthy kitten, weighing at least 1 kg. He had an amazing fur and the greatest desire for play and love.


Sunny was very diligent about the adoption photo shoot, as he knew the stakes were high. Those who wished for him were not late. Again, we had several candidates and again we selected the most suitable for our little one.


Sunny managed to win the heart of a cute girl and today he lives in Dobrich, a nice town in Northeastern Bulgaria. He has a real family that loves him so much and has great fun with him. He also has a fellow cat, Cleopatra, to play with. Sunny will never return to the streets. He will never again go around for food and fall asleep hungry, he will never again shrink into a ball of cold in some corner.


Sunny has a real home now. This is our dream for every stray kitten, and it becomes possible only thanks to the wonderful people who open their big hearts and adopt these golden souls.


Vi erbjuder fysisk adoption i Bulgarien såväl som i andra länder.

Hitta det djur du vill fysiskt eller virtuellt adoptera genom att klicka här.

Hittade du ett djur som du skulle vilja adoptera fysiskt? Kontakta oss för att starta adoptionsprocessen.